Which statements describe a parallelogram that must be a rhombus? parallelogram with four congruent sides parallelogram with opposite sides parallel parallelogram with four congruent angles parallelogram with diagonal that bisects an angle parallelogram with diagonals that bisect each other

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct option is 1.Step-by-step explanation:Rhombus is a special case of parallelogram.The properties of a parallelogram and rhombus:1. Opposite sides parallel and equal.2. Diagonals bisect each other.3. Opposite angles are congruent.The consecutive sides of a parallelogram may or may not be equal. But a rhombus has four congruent sides.If a parallelogram has four congruent sides, then that parallelogram is known as rhombus.The required statement that describe a parallelogram must be a rhombus is Β "parallelogram with four congruent sides ".Therefore the correct option is 1.