THE FIRST TO ANSWER GETS BRAINLIEST. 99 POINTS.The price of products may increase due to inflation and decrease due to depreciation. Derek is studying the change in the price of two products, A and B, over time. The price f(x), in dollars, of product A after x years is represented by the function below: f(x) = 0.69(1.03)x Part A: Is the price of product A increasing or decreasing and by what percentage per year? Justify your answer. (5 points) Part B: The table below shows the price f(t), in dollars, of product B after t years: t (number of years) 1 2 3 4 f(t) (price in dollars) 10,100 10,201 10,303.01 10,406.04 Which product recorded a greater percentage change in price over the previous year? Justify your answer. (5 points)

Accepted Solution

PART I You know that this function is DECREASING because 0.63, the number inside of the parenthesis, is LESS THAN THE NUMBER 1. I [think I] know the way to determine by what percentage it is decreasing. [I think] My teacher taught me that I have to subtract the number, in this case 0.63, from 1. So, 1 - 0.63 = 0.37. So it is decreasing by 0.37.