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Accepted Solution

Answer:A. DrusillaStep-by-step explanation:The line of random numbers is used for numbered population.As we can see that the students are already labelled we have to divide the random number line in pairs of 2 digits59,78,44,43,12,15,95,40,92,33,00,04,67,43,18,02,61,05,73,96,16,84,33,84,54We have to keep in mind that our serial numbers are till 29.So read the pair of numbers one by one59 can't be used as it is greater than 29. Similarly 78,44,43 cannot be used.The first student will be: 12 KieferThen 15 and 00 will be second and third.So the fourth student will be: 04 DrusillaHence option A is correct ..