Mr. Coleman is mapping the boundaries of a zoo on a coordinate grid. The zoo's headquarters are located at the origin. The equation is shown below represents two boundaries of the zoo. y=-2x-5 -2x+4y=12 The zoo's entrance is located at the intersection of these two boundaries. Which coordinate grid correctly shown the two boundaries and the zoo's entrance?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B. The graph in the attached figureStep-by-step explanation:we have[tex]y=-2x-5[/tex] ----> equation A[tex]-2x+4y=12[/tex] -----> equation Bwe know thatTo graph the lines, find the interceptsRemember thatThe y-intercept is the value of y when the value of x is equal to zeroThe x-intercept is the value of x when the value of y is equal to zeroEquation A[tex]y=-2x-5[/tex]For [tex]x=0, y=-5[/tex] ----> y-interceptFor [tex]y=0, x=-2.5[/tex] ----> x-interceptEquation B[tex]-2x+4y=12[/tex]For [tex]x=0, y=3[/tex] ----> y-interceptFor [tex]y=0, x=-6[/tex] ----> x-interceptPlot the intercepts to graphs the linessee the attached figure