Keisha is reading a 350 page book at a rate of 27 pages per day. Use a point-slope equation to determine how many pages she will have left to read after reading the book for 10 days. She will still have ____ pages left yo read after 10 days.

Accepted Solution

Answer:She will still have 80 pages left to read after 10 days.Step-by-step explanation:Keisha is reading the book at  a rate of 27 pages per day. The book has 350 pages. So , after x days , the no. of pages remaining to read is,[tex]y = 350 - 27 \times x[/tex] ---------------(1)Here, the given value of x is 10. So, putting x = 10 in (1) we get,[tex]y = 350 - 27 \times 10[/tex]         = 80