Idk what the question meant. How would you do the area of a triangle

Accepted Solution

Answer:750 sq. ftStep-by-step explanation:To understand the area of a triangle, we can start with the area of a rectangle. The area of a rectangle with some length (which I'll call L) and some width (which I'll call W) is just the product of those two values, L × W. How does this carry to triangles? Well we can take any triangle we want and draw a rectangle around it, using the base of the triangle as one of the rectangle's sides.Now, the key here is to cut that original rectangle into two smaller ones, starting at the top point of the triangle. Notice now that half of the left rectangle is taken up by the orange triangle, and half of the right one as well. Putting those two together, we can say that the big orange triangle takes up exactly half of the green rectangle, or in other words, its area is (L × W) ÷ 2. Of course, when we talk about triangles, we use the words "base" (B) and "height" (H) rather than length and width, so you could also say that the area of a triangle is (B × H) ÷ 2.Taking this into our problem, we're given a base of 100 ft and a height of 15 feet; using our newly-discovered equation, we find its area to be(100 × 15) ÷ 2 = 1500 ÷ 2 = 750 sq. ft.