Hey, can you help me out here (please)?Nathan mixed x quarts of milk containing 2% fat with y quarts of milk containing 4% fat. The total amount of the mixture was 9 quarts, and it contained a total of 0.24 quart of fat. This situation is represented by the system of equations shown below. x + y = 90.02x + 0.04y = 0.24What statement is true?Question 5 options:Nathan used twice as much 2% milk as 4% milk.Nathan used twice as much 4% milk as 2% milk.Nathan used 2 quarts more 2% milk than 4% milk.Nathan used 2 quarts more 4% milk than 2% milk. Please explain which method you used, it would be very helpful. (:

Accepted Solution

in the x quarts of 2% fat milk, there is 0.02x quarts of fat.
in the y quarts of 4% fat milk there is 0.04y quarts of fat.
together, there is (x+y) quarts of milk, and 0.24 quarts of fat.
the equations are:
multiply the first equation with 0.02: 0.02x+0.02y=0.18
subtract this new equation from equaition 2 to eliminate x:
x is twice as much as y.
He used twice as much as the 2% fat milk than the 4% fat milk. 
so the first choice is the correct answer.