A.) write an exponential expression: let 10 be the base and an even number between 1 and 10, be the exponent.b.) then write the exponential expression in expanded form and standard form. (note: you may need to copy and paste the expression from a word document—use the insert equations button, or you may use a "^" to indicate the exponent)

Accepted Solution

Answer:   10^2 . . . . see below for additional information or versions of the answer(s)Step-by-step explanation:You seem to want 10^exponent, where exponent is an even single digit, not zero.We choose exponent = 2, so your expression is ...   10^2__There are several versions of expanded form. One uses exponents. In that form, the expression above is the expanded form.Another uses multipliers of 1, 10, 100, 1000, and so on. In that form, the expression expands as ...   10^2 = 1×100Another expanded form uses individual digits of the expanded form with others set to zero   10^2 = 100The standard form is ...   10^2 = 100._____We suppose your exponential expression might have another multiplier, such as 2.98:exponential expression: 2.98×10^2standard form: 298expanded form 1: 2×10^2 + 9×10^1 +8×10^0expanded form 2: 2×100 +9×10 +8×1expanded form 3: 200 + 90 + 8